Griffith Ally Network

The Griffith Ally Network comprises Griffith staff and students who support and affirm the experiences of people who identify as LGBTIQ+ at Griffith. This network is lead by the Griffith Pride Committee.

What is a Griffith Ally?

The role of an Ally is to:

  • visibly support LGBTIQ+ inclusion by promoting and participating in Pride events, utilising Pride merchandise and identifying themselves as an Ally within their networks;
  • provide a confidential and safe environment for people to make enquiries about issues related to the diversities of sex, sexualities and genders;
  • make appropriate referrals should someone seek support;
  • call out (where safe to) inappropriate anti-LGBTIQ+ behaviour;
  • commits to ongoing personal education on the experiences of the LGBTIQ+ community; and
  • actively encourage and contribute to the aims of Griffith's equity, diversity and inclusion goals, including actions within the Pride Strategy .

Griffith Ally Reference Guide

To support your role as an LGBTIQ+ Ally we have developed Griffith Ally reference guides. These include information on strategic commitments, inclusive language and practical ways you can support LGBTIQ+ staff and students.

How to be an LGBTIQ+ Ally at Griffith

How to be a Trans Ally at Griffith

Find a Griffith Ally

There are many Griffith Allies available to speak to across all our campuses.

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How to become a Griffith Ally

To formally become a Griffith Ally you will need to have completed approved LGBTIQ+ Inclusion training and register through the Griffith Pride Committee. You will have the option to be listed as an Ally in the Griffith phonebook (staff only).

LGBTIQ+ inclusion training for 2020 is in the process of being finalised. Please register your interest to participate in a workshop:

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