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Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture.

Griffith Asia Quarterly is the journal of the Griffith Asia Institute. It seeks to publish innovative, interdisciplinary research on key contemporary developments in the politics, economics, societies and cultures of Asia.

Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity strives to advance personal freedom and human dignity through fearless and novel scholarship. The journal is committed to big picture analysis, transformative approaches to law, and giving voice to those who have been silenced, disenfranchised or marginalised.

Journal of Alternative and Community Media aims to highlight and promote the study of alternative and community media and communication, which includes citizens′ media, participatory media, activist and radical media and the broader forms of communication that these groups might undertake.

Journal of Social Inclusion contributes to current knowledge and understanding of social processes that marginalise individuals, families, groups and communities.

Pneumonia is an international, peer reviewed open access journal that publishes original research articles, case studies, reviews, commentaries, correspondence and highlights, news and activities on all aspects related to pneumonia.

The contemporary information landscape of higher education is characterised by ubiquitous, digitised online access to research and scholarship. In response to this challenge, we aim to extend the reach and impact of the University's research by making content freely available to a global audience.

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Vessels of Transfer: Allegories of Afrofuturism in Jeff Mills and Janelle Monáe

The performances, music, and subjectivities of Detroit techno producer Jeff Mills—radio turntablist The Wizard, space-and-time traveller The Messenger, founding member of Detroit techno outfit Underground Resistance and head of AXIS Records—and Janelle Monáe—android #57821, Cindi Mayweather, denizen and “cyber slavegirl” of Metropolis—are infused with the black Atlantic imaginary of Afrofuturism. We might understand Mills and Monáe as disseminating, in the words of Paul Gilroy, an Afrofuturist “cultural broadcast” that feeds “a new metaphysics of blackness” enacted “within the underground, alternative, public spaces constituted around an expressive culture . . . dominated by music” (Gilroy 1993: 83)...

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