The SYSU Articulation program is a pathway from the Sun-Yet Sen University’s Bachelor of Science to Griffith University’s Master of Science in Food Security.

After completing the first three years of the Bachelor of Science degree at Sun-Yet Sen University (SYSU), eligible candidates may apply to study their fourth and final year at Griffith University (3+1 years) in the area of Food Security. The final year of Bachelor of Science comprises four coursework subjects and a 12 week research project. After completion, students will graduate from SYSU with a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Science from Griffith University.

Students wishing to further their study for an additional year (3+1+1 years) can complete a major research project, gaining a Master of Science in Food Security.

Master of Science

The Master of Science provides graduates with the opportunity to undertake advanced study and research. This program is designed to provide students with thorough training in applied scientific research and methodology, and will also prepare students for higher degree studies and professional employment. The program consists of both theoretical and practical coursework, as well as a research dissertation. Students complete advanced coursework and specialist laboratory classes prior to completing their research project.

Food Security major

The Food Security major will equip students with the necessary training in analytical chemistry, microbiology and soil science to undertake research into enhanced and sustainable agriculture and food production. This will include understanding the concepts underpinning food security and how it is achieved, what causes food insecurity and famine, the major cultural impacts on food security, as well as the causes and impacts of food waste and how we can close the waste loop.

Research projects and supervisors

Browse our list of research projects in the Griffith University Master of Science in Food Security, and find a supervisor whose interests and expertise best suit you. All students are required to make contact with the supervisor of their choice.

How to apply

Take your study to the next level. Apply now for the Griffith University Articulation pathway program.

Program of study

The first semester of study will comprise these four courses:

  • 6003NSC Research Methodologies
  • 7313NSC Advanced NMR and Analytical Chemistry
  • 7309NSC Bioavailability and Pollutant Management in Agriculture
  • 7310NSC Food Security.

The second semester of study will comprise the following courses:

  • 8003NSC_P1-P4 Research Project. Upon completion of this subject you will have Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma in Science.

The third and four semesters of study will comprise the following courses:

  • 8003NSC_P5-P7 Research Project. Upon completion of this subject you will have Bachelor of Science and Master of Science.

Contact us

For further information please contact the Program Director, Associate Professor Rebecca Ford