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Centre Director

Professor Rainer Grün

The central theme of Professor Grün's research is geochronology. He is an acknowledged leader in the field of ESR dating and has extensive experience in U-series, radiocarbon and luminescence dating. His work on Qafzeh, Skhul and Tabun in the early 1990s contributed to a complete revision of our views on modern human evolution and archaeological chronology.

Centre members

Mr Shaun Adams

Bio-archaeologist specialising in geochemical tracing/provenance and faunal analysis.

Professor Maxime Aubert

Quaternary geochronology, U-series dating, rock art.

Ms Pauline Basilia

Palaeontology, Bone Histology, Island Biogeography

Mr Daniel Borombovits

Geophotonics and luminescence imaging, optical systems, luminescence dating and quartz as a dosimeter.

Associate Professor Adam Brumm

Palaeolithic archaeology, Indonesian prehistory, and origins of modern human behaviour

Dr Eleanor Crosby

Consulting archaeologist in Indigenous history of Queensland south of the Logan River.

Mr Samuel Dix

Indigenous and Historical archaeology, rock art, Tasmanian heritage policy

Dr Mathieu Duval

Quaternary geochronology, electron spin resonance dating, Mediterranean Palaolithic archaeology.

Mr Aaron Fogel

Professor Brian Fry

Dr Jillian Huntley

Ochre, rock art conservation, physicochemical, Australasian archaeology.

Dr Andrea Jalandoni

Rock art; remote sensing; Southeast Asia and Northwestern Pacific archaeology

Dr Justine Kemp

Quaternary geochronology, optically stimulated luminescence dating.

Professor David Lambert

Ancient genomes; rates of molecular change; indigenous genomics

Dr Michelle Langley

Human behavioural evolution, traceology, Palaeolithic archaeology, Australian archaeology, neanderthals, archaeology of children.

Dr Julien Louys

Mammals, palaeontology, palaeoecology.

Ms Eva Martellotta

Bone retouchers, Europe, Australia.

Dr Sally K. May

Rock art, Australian archaeology, contact histories, museum studies and cultural heritage.

Mr David P. McGahan

Human evolution and adaptability, hominid variation, functional morphology.

Ms Fiona McKeague

Operations and logistics, Australian rock art, community engagement

Ms Emily Miller

Fibre objects in rock art and museums

Professor Jon Olley

Quaternary geochronology and optically stimulated luminescence dating.

Ms Yinika Perston

Lithic technologies, Indonesian prehistory, cognitive evolution

Ms Irina Ponomareva

Rock art of Siberia

Ms Marcela Ortega Rincon

Biocultural heritage conservation

Ms Holly Smith

Palaeontology, palaeoecology and geology

Professor Tanya Smith

Paleoanthropology, evolution of human life history, tooth development and structure, great ape evolution.

Dr Justin Stout

Fluvial geomorphologist with expertise in landscape evolution and spatial analysis.

Dr Sankar Subramanian

Human genetic variation; Neutral theory of molecular evolution; Deleterious alleles in natural population

Professor Paul Taçon

Director, Place, Evolution, and Rock Art Heritage Unit (PERAHU)

Ms Roxanne Tsang

Ethno-archaeology of rock art in PNG, PNG archaeology.

Dr Sally Wasef

Ancient DNA, paleogenomics and molecular evolution.

Dr Jayne Wilkins

Palaeoarchaeology, lithic analysis, origins of modern humans, southern African prehistory.

Mr Doug Williams

Australian archaeology, landscape archaeology, cultural heritage management

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