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The Environmental Futures Research Institute has a diverse group of researchers, affiliates and professional staff. To find out more about our members’ individual research strengths and PhD supervision, follow the links to their Griffith Experts profiles.


Professor Zhihong Xu

  • Biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients
  • Climate change and food security
  • Forest Soils and ecosystem management
  • Global climate change and forest management
  • Soil and environmental chemistry
  • Stable isotope and nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
  • Sustainable landscape and food production
  • Tree nutrition and forest ecophysiology
  • Wood quality and chemistry

Deputy Director

Professor Huijun Zhao

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Approved topic

Deputy Director

Professor Darryl Jones

  • Urban ecology and wildlife management
  • Urbanisation and the way certain species are adapting to this process
  • Megapodes (mound-builders)
  • Corvids
  • Implications of garden bird feeding

Full members

Adjunct members

  • Dr Louise Ashton
  • A/Prof Ian Bally
  • Dr Sandra Berry
  • Dr Amy Blacker
  • Dr Sonya Clegg
  • Dr John Coulter
  • Mr Bob Coutts
  • Dr Richard Donaghey
  • Dr Peggy Emby
  • Dr Amanda Freeman
  • Dr Ruma Gosh
  • Professor Hossein Ghadiri
  • Dr Willow Hallgren
  • Dr Shala Hosseini Bai
  • Professor Russell Haines
  • Dr Kees Hulsman
  • Dr Paula Ibell
  • Dr Enqing Hou
  • Dr John Kanowski
  • Dr Adrian Karami Varnamkhasti
  • Dr Aila Keto
  • Dr Jon Knight
  • Dr Peter Lindsey
  • Dr Sarah Maunsell
  • Dr Catherine Moran
  • Dr Aki Nakamura
  • Dr Richard Noske
  • Dr Matthew Parks
  • Dr Price Gareth
  • Dr Kent Redford
  • Dr Denis Rodgers
  • Dr Frderique Reverchon
  • Dr Barry Riddiford
  • Dr Sankar Subramanian
  • Dr Anand Tuluram
  • A/Prof Weijin Wang
  • Dr Graham Wise
  • Dr Chengyuan Xu
  • Dr Yun Yang

Visiting researchers

  • Dr Haibo Dong
  • Dr Fang Fang
  • Dr Yanbin Hao
  • Ms Wenjuan Huang
  • Ms Qi Jiang
  • Dr Xinhuang Kang
  • Dr Shen Li
  • Dr Junqiang Zheng
  • Dr Jianyu Liu
  • Mr Chengsi Pan
  • Mr Qingfeng Sun
  • Associate Professor Ying Teng
  • Dr Yixang Wang
  • Mr Yuzhe Wang
  • Ms Yan Xu
  • Dr Yongbo Xu
  • Ms Huafeng Yang
  • Miss Fan Yang
  • Miss Lu Yun
  • Dr Peng Zhang
  • Dr Huanyu Zhao

Research staff

  • Dr Ido Bar
  • Dr Shan Chen
  • Dr Tara Clark
  • Dr Yuhai Dou
  • Dr Laura Grogan
  • Wenjing Li
  • Dr Yantao Li
  • Dr Richard O'Rourke
  • Dr Alex Quinn
  • Dr Prabhakaran Sambasivam
  • Dr Ge Shi
  • Dr Li Sheng
  • Dr Shujun Wang
  • Dr Konstans Wells
  • Dr Sally Wasef
  • Dr Huajie Yin
  • Dr Lei Zhang

Administrative staff

  • Dian Riseley
  • Christina Perry


We encourage our members to collaborate with researchers from other universities, faculties and research centres. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate member of the Environmental Futures Research Institute, please contact Dian Riseley.

Our current affiliates include:

  • Dr Valerie Debuse
  • Dr Steve Phillips
  • Dr Ben Lawson
  • Dr John Kanowski.

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