A global leader in environmental research

Our state-of-the-art facilities are the envy of research institutes throughout the country.

A uniquely designed and built 3D Nano-printer assists the Institute’s work across research streams, while purpose-built laboratories and centres further enhance our research capabilities.

Our research addresses key environmental priorities that reflect critical global issues, and identifies niche markets and research gaps in the current market place.

We are also committed to increasing our brand awareness and research strengths by continuing to foster collaborations with researchers around the world.

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We have a range of opportunities available including PhD and research positions, financial support programs, and short courses. Discover more about our research opportunities.


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Unique facilities

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Molecular soil microbiology lab (with PC2 facility)
  • Soil and plant laboratories
  • Tree ring laboratory
  • Suburban wildlife research laboratory
  • Wildlife ecology laboratory
  • Rainforest invertebrate biodiversity laboratory
  • International fruit fly management laboratory.

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