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EFRI is proud to host the 9th International Conference on Geochemistry in the Tropics & Sub-Tropics 28 - 31 July 2019. The conference aims to engage experts on the major emerging environmental issues we face as a result of rapid industrialization, while concurrently detailing the linkages between natural and disturbed chemical composition of the earth’s surface, and environmental and human health, focusing on biogeochemistry of carbon and nutrients as well as pollutants in the context of intensifying climate change and land management in the world, particularly in the tropics and subtropics.

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Children & Innovation Symposium

Determining ‘what makes us human’ is arguably the most important question investigated by archaeology. Traditionally examined through the study of human remains and discarded tools, a new avenue of research as emerged: the role of children in technological and cultural evolution.

This Wenner-Gren symposium brings together leading researchers in archaeology, anthropology, primatology, and psychology from around the globe to focus on this vibrant new area of human evolution studies.

Student Research Symposium

Our Student Research Symposium is an opportunity to network with fellow EFRI scholars, obtain peer feedback on research and further develop public speaking skills.

Annual Environmental Futures Retreat

Our Annual Environmental Futures Retreat nurtures and develops relationships between EFRI members and celebrates the many successes of the group. Any upcoming retreat information will be posted here, so check back regularly to find out more.

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