Improve your English for university success

If you are currently studying Year 12 Essential English and wish to start studying at Griffith University in 2021, this is the course for you. After successful completion of this School Leaver English Enhancement course you will meet Griffith’s English subject prerequisite requirements for a range of Griffith undergraduate degrees.

You could commence your studies* in the next available trimester.

*Subject to remaining program vacancies, meeting other admission criteria and selection rank.

Course details


January 4, 2021


4 weeks intensive




This course is offered in two modes:

1: Mixed mode - online modules with face-to-face tutorials for those who can come to campus.

2: Online only mode - with online modules and tutorials for those who need to take the full course online.

Results availability

Results will be available from February 4, 2021. This will allow two QTAC offer rounds to make offers for Trimester 1, 2021. Students must apply through QTAC in 2020 to ensure they can be made an offer to their desired course throughout these rounds.


This course is for prospective Griffith University students. You must be:

  • an Australian citizen, or
  • a New Zealand citizen, or
  • the holder of a permanent resident/humanitarian visa.

Griffith School Leaver English Enhancement is designed to prepare ​Griffith applicants to be successful at Griffith University.

To be eligible to take the course students must be studying Year 12 in 2020 AND pass Essential English with a grade C or higher (or complete units 3 and 4 of General English with a grade of D) AND meet the admission rank required to be admitted to their Griffith Preference 1.

The course is not available to international students, or applicants who have not completed their studies with English as the language of instruction. Completion of this course will not satisfy English Language Proficiency requirements.

Step 1: Check entry requirements

In order to be invited to enrol in the School Leaver English Enhancement course you will need to have chosen your Griffith University degree. Remember to check the entry requirements specific to your chosen degree. In addition to English as a subject prerequisite there are also other entry criteria that you will need to meet.

Step 2: Apply

Lodge a QTAC application listing your desired Griffith degree, that you are confident you will meet rank for, as your first preference. This needs to be done by Saturday, 12 December 2020.

As most communications with students are via email, it is strongly recommended that you use a personal email address with QTAC (not a school email address) and monitor your email inbox regularly in the period immediately after 19 December.

Step 3: Wait for your Queensland Year 12 results to be released on Saturday, 19 December.

Once your results have been released to QTAC, Griffith will determine if you have:

  1. Met the minimum rank for the Griffith degree you have preferenced #1, and
  2. Attained a grade of a C or higher in Essential English or a grade of D in a General English subject.

Step 4: Receive your invitation, complete your payment and get ready to study.

Should you meet the above requirements, Griffith University will email you an invitation and link for you to pay for the course and indicate your prefered mode of study. Once you have been enrolled by Griffith you will be provided further information to help orientate you to this course.

When you have successfully completed the 4-week School Leaver English Enhancement course, Griffith University will undertake actions to ensure you receive an offer to study at Griffith from QTAC. Students should expect to receive their offers from QTAC after 4 February 2021.