We want to acknowledge your best and brightest

This program gives principals from each of our partner schools the opportunity to nominate one academically gifted student for a prestigious Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship.

If you have a Year 12 student who will be applying for university and demonstrates leadership, civic responsibility and social awareness, consider nominating them below.

Scholarship details

Valued at $24,000, the scholarship is payable in instalments of $3,000 per trimester for up to four years.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible for this scholarship program, students must be a current Year 12 student in a Griffith Connect partner school and be either:

  • an Australian citizen or Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder
  • an Australian permanent resident, New Zealand citizen or international student completing Years 11 and 12 in Australia


  • not have undertaken/commenced any tertiary study, with the exception of those undertaken as part of Year 11-12 studies (e.g. Enhanced Studies Program, GUESTS)
  • will be applying for a tertiary place through the QTAC or UAC
  • meet the eligibility criteria for degree program and receive and accept an admission offer
  • be able to demonstrate high academic achievement that will see the applicant receive a Queensland ATAR no lower than 95.50 or equivalent NSW ATAR
  • demonstrate:
    • leadership ability
    • civic responsibility
    • social awareness.

Each school principal may nominate one student via the online application form

The nomination should include:

  • the student’s personal details (name, DOB, contact email address)
  • their academic achievement
  • principal’s recommendation (150 words maximum)
  • the student’s preferred program of study
  • a statement from the nominated student (maximum 250 words) outlining their:
    • leadership ability
    • civic responsibility
    • social awareness
    • motivation towards university study and career aspirations.

The nomination application must be completed by the school principal.

Nominees will be scored and ranked on:

  • academic achievement
  • response to
    • leadership ability
    • civic responsibility
    • social awareness
    • motivation towards university study and career aspirations
  • recommendation.

As the selection is competitive, not all nominees will receive an offer.

Applications open: Monday 31 August.

Applications close: 5 pm AEST, Friday 25 September 2020

Offers advised: Monday 31 August (awardees will be asked to complete the standard online application for consideration of higher level or other scholarships and possible entry to the Griffith Honours College)

Confirmation of results: post-ATAR release.

Payment of scholarship: census date of first trimester of enrolment.

In addition to the normal conditions of the Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship, student’s offered a Griffith Connect Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship must obtain the threshold academic results outlined in the eligibility criteria when ATARs are released. Scholarship offers will be withdrawn from students who do not meet that threshold.

Application form

150 words max
Upload grades. Please note that only PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PNG and JPEG files are accepted.
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  • I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information I have supplied in this application is correct and complete.
  • I also acknowledge that I have read and understand the eligibility criteria and believe the nominee has or will meet the necessary criteria, and agree to the terms and conditions of participation as set out in this application and the accompanying material, and that I have informed the nominee and their guardian/s of these.
  • I understand that if I provide incorrect or incomplete information this may result in the cancellation of any offer made by Griffith University.
  • I understand that if the University becomes aware of, or forms the view that I have provided false or misleading information in my application, eligibility will be reassessed.
  • I recognise that it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documentation.
  • I understand that the selection process is competitive and not all applicants who meet the basic eligibility criteria will be awarded.
Confidentiality and privacy