Course Overview

This course is designed to sustain teachers and school leaders in understanding and supporting the diverse needs of gifted or talented students in today’s inclusive classrooms. Designed for learning in an online environment, this course provides self-paced learning activities and associated readings and learning resources. These activities encourage you to consider your own practice through analysis and self-reflection. This course provides you with key foundational knowledge, information and skill development to cultivate a strong basis for understanding and supporting gifted or talented students in your educational context. This course will help prepare you for considering the complexities and nuances of gifted or talented learners and their educational requirements.

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We have developed the first module of this course and have made it available for you to engage with for free! Our plan is to develop a full course that consists of six modules focused around gifted and talented education. If you are interested in doing the full course, please register your details below and we will keep you up to date with our progress and notify you once registrations have opened.

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By the end of this course you should be able to describe and apply some key factors for identifying, understanding, and supporting gifted or talented students in your classroom and school.

Assessment: In each module there will be a series of activities for you to complete in order to progress through the content. At the end of the final module there will be a course quiz that will measure your engagement and understanding of key concepts, knowledge, and skills from the course.


Available Now:

  • Module 1: An Introduction to giftedness or talent

Planned structure for full course:

  • Module 2: Characteristics of Gifted or talented Students
  • Module 3: Identification of gifted students OR talented students
  • Module 4: Instructional differentiation for gifted or talented students
  • Module 5: Strategies and practices for supporting twice exceptional learners
  • Module 6: Personalising learning for gifted or talented students using the Australian Curriculum.

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