Course Introduction

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on the global travel and tourism industry. This course provides you with key insights and information, videos, activities, scenarios and case studies to assist you navigate your way through this crisis, consider your recovery action plan and emerge more resilient and competitive as borders reopen and restrictions ease. This course will help prepare you to be ready for recovery.

Welcome to the Course


Course objectives: Successful learners can describe key factors that could inform ways to restart their tourism activity and explore opportunities for accelerating their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effort required and overview: Four modules to complete plus assessment.

Assessment: There will be a short answer and multiple-choice questions in each module to determine your engagement with the core content.

Tourism - Ready for Recover Digital Badge*: To earn this digital badge you need to complete a short quiz at the end of the course and achieve 50% or more. Quiz questions seek assess your engagement with the core content across the four modules of the course. You can complete the quiz multiple times to reach this goal.

Please note, there are a small number of Digital Badges available for this program. If you are interested in receiving a Digital Badge upon program completion please complete this expression of interest form

Learning tools: Watch short presentations and videos, listen to videos/podcasts, and read media stories, case studies and industry reports. There is core information as well as optional extension information.