Transforming InDigenous Education in practice.

On, From, With and In Country, flowing with the TIDE.

The School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University is proud to host the 8th annual Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Creating Futures Summit Series. We invite you to have conversations that matter to teaching and teacher education.

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Summit Details

Tuesday 13 June 2023 8.15 am – 3.00 pm ( AEST ) This is a free event. Choose to join us with a virtual registration or attend in-person at the Hilton Hotel Brisbane.

In-person Registration:

Register to experience the Summit in-person at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel - Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 -  Delegates will receive arrival tea & coffee, morning tea and lunch. Delegates to arrive 8am to be seated by 8.25am. Get directions.

Virtual Registration:  

Register for the immersive interactive virtual experience from 8.30am to 3.00pm - Brisbane Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

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Event Description

The 2023 summit conversation begins on Country, with the understanding that jagun (Country) holds its own narrative and is an active participant in our conversation.

If the work of educators and schooling are to further improve on our efforts to embed Indigenous knowledges and work with Indigenous communities, this will require exploring uncomfortable conversations and reflecting on unconscious biases, with a view to achieving Indigenous student success both now and future.

Our next step is action, garulbo (partner together) in: co-design, co-research, and co-community partnership; to encourage, embrace, respect, and give time to understand the hyperlocal complexity of knowledges; and learn from schools where educators and communities are demonstrating co-practice of Indigenous Education.

Consequently, and collectively, we will no longer fear the pan-Indigenising of curriculum content and the out of field teaching obligation, or unwittingly participate in the action of culturally taxing Indigenous co-workers with ‘doing’ the ‘work’ for us (knowledge and service). Rather, we will flow with the TIDE and participate in Jarara mobobo, a pedagogy of Country for today and tomorrow, to transform Indigenous education in practice.

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Who should attend?

The Summit brings together a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in teaching futures, such as: university delegates; school leaders; experienced and beginning teachers from all school systems and sectors in Queensland; initial teacher education students and peak educational organisations, including the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) and the Queensland Council of Deans of Education (QCDE), with both organisations already committed collaborators in the event.

What to expect?

The event is fast moving with 17 challenging 6-minute provocations and 10-minute panel discussions from amazing education leaders, and public figures in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

Delegates will be engaged in a journey of generating ideas and voting to create a shared, futures-oriented set of outcomes by using the digital interactive Summit tools.

What to bring?

Your enthusiasm and positive attitude to make the time together both productive and fun.  Please bring your smartphone or preferred device.

Summit Organising Committee

Summit Program

Summit Presenter Bios

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Pre-readings podcast

In this podcast Dr Candace Kruger and Dr Greg Vass from Griffith University's School of Education and Professional Studies provide an insightful and heartfelt introduction to this year's Summit, and briefly introduce some interesting pre-readings. For a more meaningful experience on Summit day this is essential listening. For anyone interested in engaging with the readings mentioned in the podcast, you can find a reference list attached. (Please note, access to these readings is not provided by Griffith University)


We look forward to seeing you at our Summit this year whether you choose to attend virtually or in-person. If you have any questions about our Summit please don't hesitate to contact Mary-Ellen at:


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