About the service

There is a lot of information across the University sitting in places like G drives, on email, in Google Drive etc, that is not very accessible to staff when they need it. And, there are a lot of manual work processes that would benefit from digitisation. The Business Enablement Team assists academic and business units across the University manage that information and those processes more effectively through tools such as digital workflow and SharePoint.

This service is available to

Academic staff, professional staff.

What can I expect?

Service Includes:

  • Establishing SharePoint sites to (for example)
    • Store and manage processes and procedures (for access by teams or other staff)
    • Create Team sites (lists and libraries) to replace shared network drives for team operational documentation.
    • Create lists to manage external contacts
    • Replacing manual processes with digital workflows (including approvals).
  • SharePoint Training.
  • Information management advice.

Service Availability

Monday - Friday during business hours.


There is no cost associated with the use of this service.

How do I get this service?


(07) 3735 5081


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