About the service

We support the requests for provisioning of data from our Enterprise Information systems under support. This can range from providing ongoing access to data sources, or one of provision of data extracts as appropriate.

This service is available to

Academic staff, professional staff.  Note, this requires approval from the data owner.

What can I expect?

Service Includes:

  • Analysis and consultation to identify the data sources as per the request.
  • Determining the rightful data owner and requesting permission for data to be provisioned.
  • Providing technical means to access data sources appropriately, or extracting raw data as appropriate.

Service Excludes:

  • Manipulation or further interpretation of raw data sources.

Service Availability

Support is available - Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.


There are no direct costs associated with this service.

Development activities undertaken as part of an Electronic Infrastructure Capital Plan (EICP) project will be costed back to that project via a time sheeting system.

How do I get this service?


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