High flyer

Bachelor of Aviation and Master of Aviation Management

Tracy Lamb started flying in 1996 when she was given a joy flight as a present.

She completed a private pilot's licence within six months before realising she wanted to pursue a career in aviation.

Tracey then started a commercial pilot's licence and soon after completed her instructor rating.

Tracey says becoming a professional flight instructor has been one of the most rewarding and exciting achievements of her life.

"I began my first university degree at Griffith to help me further my career by increasing my professional qualifications, and of course, to help quench my thirst for knowledge," she says.

"I spent approximately seven years instructing students from all areas of the world, all with very different aviation goals.

"I have had the privilege of flying for charter organisations, as well as for flight training schools, and then a corporate jet charter, where I gained experience on my first light jet aircraft."

Tracy completed a masters degree just after she started working for Virgin Australia on the Boeing 737.

"The academic foundations gained during my time at Griffith University facilitated my successful entry into the international airline industry, and are providing me with a sustainable pathway for continued growth in my career," she says.

"I was lucky enough to be the recipient of several academic excellence awards during my studies and I hope they won't be the last.

"My studies at Griffith have opened the doors to new opportunities to meet like-minded professionals and further expand my knowledge."

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