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Technology developed by an Australian company with strong connections to Griffith University is being hailed for providing human-machine interaction superior to that of smartphones.

The ‘virtual assistant’ technology is the creation of Cognea Artificial Intelligence, headed by CEO and Griffith Business School graduate, Liesl Capper, and Chief Innovation Officer John Zakos a Griffith science and information technology graduate.

Their company was acquired by IBM Watson, an offshoot of multinational technology giant IBM, and launched with a focus on artificial intelligence. The ingenuity driving Cognea, particularly its work in the field of cognitive computing, was a drawcard.

Cognitive computing uses image and speech recognition to comprehend the world and interact more naturally with human users. IBM says it also provides a ‘feedback loop for machines and humans to learn from and teach each other’.

The technology has caught the attention of companies with significant consumer engagement, and Cognea’s clients include major banks, NASA and media groups.

“The field of IT, particularly in computer science and artificial intelligence, provides a range of career opportunities that can literally take you anywhere and be very rewarding,” Liesl said.

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