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Bachelor of Animation

After graduating from Griffith University's animation degree in 2007, Jordan Bartlett secured a position with Place Design Group in Brisbane.

There, he helped develop a production pipeline for the creation of medium to large-scale 3D design/visualisation images, videos and interactive packages.

In 2010, he was promoted to 3D visualisation manager, where he led a team of 3D modellers and animators to many successful outcomes.

In 2012, he took a senior 3D modeller role at Kixeye Australia. During this time, Jordan worked closely with the art team creating art assets for Vega Conflict—a flash-based real-time strategy video game—modelling game assets such as spaceships, weapons and bases.

In 2013, he began working as a 3D generalist at The Post Lounge, where he works on various projects including TV commercials, children's programs and feature films.

"I am very grateful for the skills and the tempering my animation degree provided," he says.

"Over the last seven years the 3D industry in Australia has been pretty hard on everybody—many big production studios have closed down and many talented people are having difficulty finding work.

"Without complete resolve and a well formed vision of where you want to work, you don't get very far.

"My time at Griffith certainly helped me form the right work ethic to get ahead."

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