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Design graduate and current PhD student James Novak is certainly pushing the boundaries of engineering and design, in the emerging world of 3D printing.

His work has been exhibited in both Australia and internationally and he has also been awarded the prestigious Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award at the RAPID conference in Los Angeles, the preeminent event for the 3D printing industry.

James has worked on high profile projects including the Q1’s Skywalk on the Gold Coast and the new MagnaLatch Safety Pool—a finalist in the Good Design Awards.

James’ latest work—the first-ever 3D print of a bicycle frame printed in a single piece—is a true future insight.

“After studying various architecture and design disciplines and working in the local industry, I found my way back to Griffith University where I worked on creating a 3D printed bicycle during an Honours program,” he says.

“3D printing has changed a whole range of manufacturing areas, but cycling is really interesting.

“The shape of the bike hasn’t changed a lot over the last 100 years, but everything else can be rethought and re-designed to take advantage of 3D printing technology.

“High performance sport is an area I’m really excited about. As 3D printing allows you to create one-off products, a design can be made specifically for a particular athlete.

“In the next few years, I imagine we’ll be printing this bike in titanium, or carbon fibre, and I’ll be the first one riding it down the street!”

James continues to study and lecture at the Queensland College of Art.

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