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Bachelor of Modern Asian Studies

Dr Greg Story was among the first cohort to study Griffith University’s groundbreaking Modern Asian Studies program in the mid-70s. He graduated from the Nathan campus in 1978 and has since forged a flourishing career in Japan to become a leading figure in the country’s banking sector.

"When I was an undergraduate it was explained to us that the university saw, as the end product, graduates who could operate effectively in the world," he says.

"With that in mind, we graduated with a good knowledge of the economy, society, culture and policies of the Asian country we were studying.

"We could pick up a newspaper and know what was going on there at that time. That currency proved tremendous. When we went to the country we had a really good knowledge and understanding already.

"At the time Griffith was the only place where I could get all of that in the one place. It gave me a very big advantage in business, knowing what was happening in international economics, what were the drivers."Modern Asian Studies was the best of its type at the time. We were a people for our time, and the program was a program for its time."

Dr Story also holds a Griffith University PhD in Japanese decision-making.

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