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Bachelor of Informatics

A career as a fighter pilot had been a long-held dream since childhood for Greg Phipps, but fate got in the way and it was not to be. Instead, he found himself turning to a career in technology just as things began to heat up with the internet revolution.

“It was my eyesight that let me down,” the former Queenslander says, speaking from his adopted homeland near California’s Silicon Valley.

“It turned out that my other great love was computers, as it was about this time that I bought my first PC, the Commodore Amiga.

“Initially I bought it just to play games such as Pong but I was hooked from the start and didn’t realise that the world was on the edge of such dramatic change with technology.”

It wasn’t until signing up for the Bachelor of Informatics program at Griffith University in 1989 that he found there really was life outside of being a fighter pilot.

“Once I got into the study at Griffith, I immersed myself in the software engineering modules and the project management opportunities that opened up for me in interesting new areas such as artificial intelligence.”

He says those early days of learning, and especially the learning opportunities to project-manage large scale IT projects, really helped to shape the path his career began to take following graduation in 1991.

Software development consulting in locations such as Canberra and Sydney were the precursor to a move into the more exciting world of program management.

He managed an engineering group at Yahoo, prior to taking on his current role at Google where he manages the building of software infrastructure for the local business area.

For the last two years at Google, Phipps has been working on the features and functionality of ubiquitous mapping technology and satellite imagery, aiming to keep up with the high-churn rate of the local business area.

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