Local hero

Bachelor of Arts

Long-serving Brisbane police officer, Senior Sergeant Corey Allen, was Griffith University's Arts, Education and Law 2013 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year and the 2013 Criminology and Criminal Justice Outstanding Alumnus of the Year.

Senior Sergeant Allen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Justice Administration in 1995 and is the Officer in Charge at Queensland’s largest police station and highest profile division: Brisbane City. He has been in charge for the last six years and been a police officer for nearly 27 years.

He has received numerous medals, awards and citations during his 27-year career with the Queensland Police Service, including a Queensland Flood Citation, the State Bronze Award for Excellence (Operational Policing), the Award for Policing Excellence, the State Silver Award for Crime Prevention (Vulnerable Persons Strategy) and the National Crime and Violence Prevention National Police Award.

“I tell friends that have recently joined that it's not just one job - you can be a teacher, you can be a scientist, you can be a communicator, you can be a media strategist - there's many jobs in the police that will sustain you,” he said.

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