Quantum  breakthrough

Bachelor of Photonics and Nanoscience, PhD in Physics

Griffith photonics and nanoscience graduate Dr Ben Norton photographed the shadow of a single atom, a breakthrough that is helping leading scientists around the world build quantum computers.

Dr Norton says one of the great things about doing research in physics is you get to adapt what you do based on the things that you find out.

"I didn’t realise that I would photograph that shadow of a single atom when I started my research," he says.

"When we photographed the shadow of the atom it was quite late on a Friday night and we were trying to do a lot of different things in order to photograph it and all of a sudden we changed one of the camera settings and we got this amazing image.

"It was quite amazing to see something that nobody has ever seen before."

He says one of the great things about physics is that we have a whole bunch of theories and models that we need to demonstrate are correct.

"All the students at Griffith are absolutely dedicated to science and trying to find the next big thing," he says.

"We all work together and there’s a great atmosphere here.

"No matter what you need to do, someone is always here to give you hand if they can."

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