Rebecca Silman wants to help people. Hers is a caring spirit reflected in the decision to study a Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University.

However, the struggle Rebecca has endured in order to pursue her goals makes her attitude and academic performance all the more impressive.

"It's been tough. My mum passed away five years ago and then my father was injured in an accident and can no longer work," says Rebecca.

"I've had a number of part-time jobs to support my dad and younger brother and we just try to keep pushing through.

"It's challenging combining study, work and home commitments. I just have to keep believing it will work out in the end.

"That's why the Griffith Futures Scholarship is so precious. It means I can continue with my studies and stay at university until I graduate and can support us all."

Gold Coast-based Rebecca is one of 40 recipients of a Griffith Futures Scholarship in 2016. Funded through Staff Giving, the scholarships support students who are excelling at university despite personal or financial hardship.

Another feature is the Buddy Program, which pairs recipients with staff donors for further support, activities and events.

Rebecca's buddy is Ms Catherine Longworth, Senior Academic Advisor with Learning Futures at Griffith University, and the two experienced an immediate and easy rapport.

A passionate educator and long-time contributor to Staff Giving, Catherine's commitment is both philosophical and practical.

"I've been in education a long time and have nothing but respect for students like Rebecca, who are going through hard times and yet remain determined to succeed," says Catherine.

"I firmly believe that education is the answer to every problem, so if I can help out, I will.

"Any reward goes beyond the individual. There is a ripple effect that is so positive and it's why I encourage my colleagues to become involved in Staff Giving.

"In Rebecca's case, her experience, insight and appreciation will make her more empathetic and supportive as she progresses through her education and into nursing.

"That's such a worthwhile result and it creates a wonderful feeling."