Staff Giving

Your support helps students who are experiencing personal or financial hardship

Mary Moloney-Vaughan’s philanthropic spirit extends across several platforms, yet is founded on one guiding principle: the desire to make a positive difference.

A supporter of the Fred Hollows Foundation, Red Cross and World Vision, Mary also donates to the Students’ Future Fund, helping those who are excelling at their Griffith University studies while at the same time challenged by personal or financial hardship.

She says the reward for giving lies in seeing students flourish.

“You can see you are making a difference in someone’s life. You are helping these bright young people to do what they want to do and to be what they want to be,” says Mary, from the Griffith Business School.

Philanthropy has formed a significant part of Mary’s adult life, beginning with her support of the magnificent work performed by the Fred Hollows Foundation.

“I remember being shocked to hear that a person’s sight could be restored for just $25. That really resonated with me, showing me that even a small amount can have a huge outcome.

“That realisation also inspired me to look at other causes.”

Chief among these has been World Vision. Mary has sponsored several children through the international charity and enjoys the regular updates as to their journey from struggle and need to progress and possibility.

Closer to home, her support of Griffith University’s Students’ Future Fund offers first-hand insight into that journey.

“I know there are students who need help and if I’m in a position to do so, I will,” she says.

“By helping them, and by watching them strive to achieve their goals, there is a flow-on effect that has a positive impact not just for the students, but for the community and beyond.

“It doesn’t matter how much you give. Your donation might be the one that gets someone across the line.

“And the fact that Griffith matches every donation to the Students’ Future Fund dollar for dollar, that makes donating even more worthwhile.

“Your contribution, and its impact, go twice as far.”