Staff Giving Program

Help students facing hardship continue their studies. Will you give a little bit each fortnight and join us?


Associate Professor Kevin Filo takes a personal and professional interest in philanthropy.

The Higher Degree Research Convenor with the Griffith Business School has been a member of the University's Staff Giving Program since 2015, contributing considerable experience and insight as well as financial support.

Before beginning a PhD at Griffith in 2005, American-born Associate Professor Filo's experience included a stint with one of the most successful US non-profit organisations.
As Merchandising Coordinator for the Lance Armstrong Foundation during the launch of its LIVESTRONG wristband campaign, Associate Professor Filo was part of an initiative that has since raised tens of millions of dollars for people affected by cancer.

And while former pro cyclist Armstrong would ultimately be disgraced, the work of LIVESTRONG remains important and impactful, exemplifying the value of giving that Associate Professor Filo continues to study and apply at Griffith.

"My research relates to the impact of philanthropy through sport," says Associate Professor Filo, who completed his PhD in 2008 and then worked as an Assistant Professor of Sport Marketing at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), before returning to Griffith in 2010.

"There is a synergy between sporting events and charitable causes and that can mean anything from a 5km community fun run to a major international sporting event.

"My focus is on that alignment between sport and philanthropy, particularly the positive psychological outcomes derived through consumer engagement in sport."

Associate Professor Filo enjoys the engagement derived through being part of Staff Giving at Griffith. "There are good people here, generous people, and our meetings always have a great exchange of ideas and an openness to try new things for students in need," he says.

"It would be great if more staff members would become involved in Staff Giving because it is such a simple process and the support is really appreciated by the students."


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