Your support helps students who are experiencing personal or financial hardship

Griffith benefactor honoured at major philanthropic awards

An unshakeable passion for helping students and improving opportunities for those in higher education has led to Dr Abedian being awarded the Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) Higher Education Philanthropist of the Year.

His nomination was put forward by Griffith University.

“To be nominated was an honour but to be recognised in this way with the award was a tremendous bounty and I hope I can inspire others to invest in our future through philanthropy”, Dr Abedian said

An act of generosity that changed the lives of Bec Silman and Angus Burkitt

Griffith Futures Scholarships recipients Bec Silman and Angus Burkitt remain inspired and humbled by the act of generosity that changed their lives. One year on from when Dr Soheil Abedian and his wife Anne, changed the two students lives they remain grateful for being able to pursue opportunities that once seemed out of their reach due to circumstances beyond their control.