Griffith University is internationally renowned for the strength of our environmental study, philosophy and commitment.

In fact, Australian Environmental Studies was one of the four Foundation Schools established at the inception of the University in 1971.

Almost 50 years later, this focus has only broadened our research and teaching to encompass crucial and contemporary issues affecting the planet and a growing global population.

This work extends from local to regional, state to national and international as it informs understanding, guidance and policy on issues such as water supply, sustainable tourism and business practices, the future of the Great Barrier Reef, global warming, agriculture, industry and much more.

Thanks to your generosity, Griffith University can continue to show leadership, enhance knowledge and drive change towards ensuring a more sustainable approach to living, creating positive impacts from the smallest ecosystems to the largest cities, and striving for outcomes that benefit the world itself and its peoples.

Mongolia a giant ‘steppe’ for ecologist Emma

There are wolves and marmots on the Mongolian steppes. Wild horses and baby bears too. On the forested border with Russia, there are reindeer.

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