Celebrating our remarkable alumni

Griffith University believes in, strives for, and celebrates the remarkable. Never more so when recognising the successes of our alumni.

Griffith University Outstanding Alumni Awards recognise and celebrate the diverse achievements of our alumni, across their fields of endeavour and in their communities.

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Alumnus name Phonetic spelling
David Baranowski David Bara-nof-ski
Jane Liley Jane Ligh-Lee (rhymes with 'highly')
Pui Lin Huang Hwong Poy Lin

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Remarkable success in area of chosen industry/profession

The Alumnus has achieved success in their chosen industry/profession demonstrated by attaining and maintaining high level and influential positions (relative to their career length). The nominee's professional reputation may be supported by promotions or appointments to industry panels, advisory boards or industry bodies.

Significant contribution to industry/profession

The Alumnus has contributed to the growth and reputation of their chosen industry/profession at the local, state or international level through the contribution of knowledge or support for new professionals, or advocacy/advisory work - or something similar.

Contribution to the community at local, state, national or international level

The Alumnus has contributed to their community in a way that would be considered inspirational to the next generation at local, state or international level. This may be part of employment in their chosen profession or, working as a volunteer in the charitable sector or in other ways.

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