Recognising all who served their country: Naming the forgotten soldiers.

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Many thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women have fought for our country from the Boer War onwards. A common passion and love for this country is where differences were set aside and cultures were united. Unfortunately the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diggers are rarely acknowledged in the fabric of Australian history. The ATSIDMQI committee has been formed to ensure that the sacrifices of these men and women are recognised and these heroes are honoured.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dedicate Memorial Queensland Incorporated has been formed with the support of Griffith University. ATSIDMQI aims to raise funds, engage professional artists and the broader community to facilitate the establishment of a memorial that commemorates the sacrifices made by these heroes.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website contains imagery and voices of deceased persons.

WW1 - Private Alfred Jackson Coombs of the 59th Battalion. c. 1916.

WW1 - Trooper Frank Fisher, 11th Light Horse Regiment - from Claremont QLD. c. 1916.

WW1 - Trooper James Lingwoodock, Bride Daisy Lingwoodock nee Roberts, Trooper Josh Geary nee Bond - 11th Lighthorse Regiment c. 1917.

WW1 - Horace Thomas Dalton, 11th Light Horse Regiment of Dunwich QLD. c. 1919

WW1 - Aboriginal Prisoner of War (POW) 360 Private (Pte) Reginald Francis Hawkins from Jericho, Queensland. c. 1917

WW1 - Private Coolwell (back row second from right), 3rd Reinforcements, Enogerra Barracks Brisbane c. 1917

WW2 - Aboriginal servicewoman, QF267190 Lance Corporal Kathleen Jean Mary (Kath) Walker, of Stradbroke Island, Qld. c. 1942

WW2 - Warrant Officer Len Waters 78-Squadron, c. 1944.

WW2 - Wedding portrait of Aboriginal serviceman, Signalman Claude Henry McDonald, and Aircraftwoman Alice Clarke Lovett. c. 1942

WW2 - Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion, c. 1945.

Korean War - Private DE Vea Vea from Brisbane 1st Battalion. c. 1954.

Korean War - Lance Corporal Raymond Cobban 3rd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 3RAR. c. 1951.

Vietnam War - Private Gilbert George Gil Green 7RAR. c. 1969