Computer Security

Computers provided to staff and students at Griffith University include essential security settings, such as Same Sign On (SSO), anti-virus software, and automatic operating system and application patching. For information on protecting your own personal (non Griffith) computer, please see Cyber Safe Travelling.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices are an integral part of studying and working at Griffith University.  While mobile devices are not secured in the same way that desktop computers are, the following recommendations are best practice to limit risk.

System Updates

keep Apple IOS, Android OS and Windows Phone operating systems updated.

Passcode Protect

set a SIM Passcode and Screen Lock.

Enable Encryption

  • Apple - enabled once the passcode lock is configured
  • Android - Settings, Security, Encrypt Device
  • Windows - Settings, Systems, Device Encryption

Location Detection and Data Wiping

activate 'Find my Device' and enable remote wipe where available. For more information on this refer to:

Find my iPhone, iPad

Find my Android Device

Find my Windows Device