Adam Smith's Dinner

Paper delivered by Professor Charles Sampford at a Glasgow conference on the future of financial regulation held to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Adam Smith's 'Theory of Moral Sentiments'.

Reconceiving the Good Life

Keynote address to the Good Life Conference, February 2009

Capitalism: Quo Vadis?

Guest of Honour, Institute for Human Values Conference at the EU Parliament, October 2009

Professions Without Borders

Public Lecture – Brisbane September 2009, Waterloo

The Rule of Law and Protection of Civilians

Keynote address: Challenges of Peacekeeping

Ethics and Politics

Senate Lecture

From From Deep North to Global Governance Exemplar: Fitzgerald’s Impact on the International Anti-corruption Movement

Keynote Paper, Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference, Brisbane July 30 2009

Global transparency: Fighting corruption for a sustainable future: From National Integrity Systems to Global Integrity Systems

Commissioned conference discussion paper for 13 IACC, Athens, November 2008

World Ethics Forum 2006 International Conference


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