Governance Projects 

Projects focussing on governance issues include:
  • Preserving and Restoring the Rule of Law (ARC Grant) 1998-2000
  • Financing the Future (ARC Grant) 1998-2000
  • Ethics and Corporate Governance for Public Agencies (ARC Grant) 2000-2
  • Development and Utilisation of Indices to Measure Corruption: Calculating and Combating Bribery (ARC Grant) 2000-3
  • Public Integrity Education Network (funded by George Soros’ OSI - led by TIRI) 2002-
  • International interventions: ethical, legal and political issues (ARC Grant) 2002-4
  • Conceiving and Implementing National Integrity Systems Assessments (NISA) (ARC grant with Transparency International, 2002-4)
  • Dialogue on Governance Values between western and Islamic scholars and practitioners (funded by George Soros’ OSI) 2003-4
  • The ethics of international intervention for humanitarian, pro-democratic and anti-terrorist reasons: The legal, ethical and institutional means of regulating interventions (ARC Grant) 2003-7
  • An Assessment of Georgia’s National Integrity System: The GNISA Project (funded by George Soros’ OSI) 2005-6
  • The End of Westphalia? Re-envisioning Sovereignty (ARC Grant) 2005-6
  • The Ethics of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) (ARC Grant with Total Environment Centre) 2005-8
  • A Place to Call Home (ARC Grant with AUSTCARE) 2006-8
  • Re-envisioning Sovereignty and Nationhood in the Contemporary International Context (ARC Grant) 2007-9
  • A National Integrity Systems Assessment for Indonesian 2007
  • Funding Indonesian Decentralisation (with SMERU Research Institute) 2007
  • Corporate Governance, Regulation and Accountability (ARC Grant) 2008-10
  • Building the Rule of Law in International Affairs (ARC Grant) 2009-11
  • Building an ethical and Sustainable Model for Health Professional Recruitment to Australia: A Case Study of the Philippines (ARC Grant) 2010-11
  • Towards Global Carbon Integrity: Applying integrity systems methodology to the ‘global carbon crisis’ (ARC DP) 2014-2016
  • Constitutional Implementing Building and Strengthening Kenya's National Integrity System (DFAT February 2015-December 2015) with QUT

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