The scope of IEGL's research

IEGL and its member centres have been involved in a wide range of governance research and related issues.
  • Research into the governance of: corporations (including government owned corporations), professions, NGOs, governments and global organizations
  • Mobilizing the disciplines with major contributions to understanding that nature of, problems with and solutions for institutional and community governance, law, criminology, ethics, political science, economics
  • Comparative governance research - particularly between governance values in Islamic and western cultures
  • Cutting edge research in environmental governance, e-governance and policing.

Current Research Activities

Sovereignty and the Rule of Law
Protection of Civilians
Public Sector Governance
Health Governance
Building the International Rule of Law
Climate Change and Reconceiving the ‘Good Life’
Intellectual Property
Global Financial Crisis

Capacity Building

The outcomes of IEGL research have been widely recognized and have led to many achievements.
The ARC's inaugural Grahame Clarke forum  featured 20 ARC funded researchers who had "made a difference".  Of the five researchers from the humanities and social sciences, four were from IEGL member centres.
Professor Charles Sampford (IEGL Director) - Integrity Systems
Professor Ross Homel AO (Griffith) - Pathways to Prevention
Professor Brian Fitzgerald (QUT) - E-governance
Professor Hilary Charlesworth (Centre for International and Public Law) - Human Rights

Governance projects

In addition to over 30 ARC Discovery Grants for pure research, member centres have enjoyed considerable success in winning collaborative grants. Click here for Governance projects

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