Origins and Development of IEGL

  • Griffith University has a long tradition of interdisciplinarity.  In 1991, Griffith extended this tradition to Law and Criminology each of which had highly innovative programs and successful research centres established by the Foundation Dean of Law (Professor Sampford) and the Foundation Professor of Justice Administration (Professor Homel).
  • Those centres (the National Institute for Law, Ethics and Public Affairs and the Centre for Crime Policy and Public Safety) joined forces in 1999 to form the core of the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, the first and only ARC centre in either Law or Governance with Prof Sampford as Foundation Director and Prof Homel as Deputy. 
  • The Key Centre has not only been highly successful in its own right but has been instrumental in the development of two more centres of excellence (the Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security led by the Key Centre's former Deputy Director, Professor Lorraine Mazerolle and Centre of Excellence in Islamic Studies whose Brisbane node is led by the Director of the Key Centre's Griffith Islamic Research Unit),  the ARC's Governance Research network and IEGL, the United Nations University's Institute for Ethics Governance and Law. 
  • In 2004, the Key Centre became the host of the ARC Governance Research Network, or GovNet, one of only twenty four networks funded by the ARC across the tertiary sector.  GovNet tackles issues of institutional governance, from small firms to global institutions recognising both common governance issues and radically differing contexts.  It brings together all of Australia's major governance researchers and research centres. 
  • In the same year, the Key Centre became the headquarters of the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law (IEGL), one of only 23 UNU and the only one in Australasia.  This followed an approach by the UNU which wanted to fill a research gap in law, ethics and governance and were particularly attracted to the interdisciplinary approach taken by the Key Centre.  Since then, two other universities have joined IEGL and QUT through its Centre for Law and Justice and ANU through its Centre for International and Public Law.

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