Missions and Aims

IEGL’s vision is to be a globally networked resource for the development of values-based governance through research and capacity building. It aims to engage other academic, non-government organisations, government, business and multilateral institutions and networks to improve governance and build institutional integrity in governments, corporations, non-government organisations and international institutions.

IEGL’s mission is to build on the strengths of the participating centres to make an internationally significant contribution to research, teaching, consultancy and capacity building in the areas of institutional and community governance, with an emphasis on:

  • Values-based governance, involving a combination of ethical standard setting, legal regulation and institutional reform
  • Cross-disciplinary theorising and empirical work that brings together the normative sciences of ethics and law with the social sciences of international relations, political science, economics, sociology and criminology
  • Networking of governance centres in Australia, the region and the world

IEGL’s aims are to:

  • To engage in systematic consideration of:
  • methods by which institutions and organisations at all levels may articulate and formalise the values they wish to stand for; and
  • methods of seeking to realise those values through a combination of ethical standard setting, legal regulation, and institutional reform
  • To build institutional integrity and reduce corruption
  • To communicate the results of our research to relevant audiences - academics, legislators, policy makers and judges
  • To contribute to public debate and policymaking

IEGL is envisioned with aims to be a multi-centred, inter-disciplinary Institute, have a strong presence in both the developed and developing world, make a significant and distinct contribution to global issues concerning institutional and community governance, to reduce injustice, and improve individual, environmental and societal well being.

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