• Yolonda Adams
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Siobhan Allen
  • Moses Amagnya
  • Levi Anderson
  • Ausma Bernotaite

Ausma is a PhD Candidate at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University. Her research is focused on the dynamics and developments of digital surveillance technologies in Asia. Her research interests include public policy, criminology, forensic genetics and comparative criminology.

  • Christine Carney

Christine's thesis aims to develop domestic violence crime scripts using police data to better inform prevention and to develop a toolbox of preventative measures for use by frontline police when attending DFV incidents. Her research interests include impacts of retirement policies on police officer wellbeing, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue of police, police policy and practice, policing domestic and family violence and vulnerable people, and  risk assessments.

  • Andrew Childs
  • Jesse Fielder
  • Lucy Forrester
  • Georgina Fuller
  • Jacqueline Fuller
  • Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia’s research focuses on the participation of children in the criminal justice system as victim or witnesses. As a member of the Centre for Investigative Interviewing, his PhD thesis examines techniques used to elicit disclosures of sexual abuse from children across cultural contexts.

  • Dirkje Gerryts

Dee is a developing researcher and trainer on victim centred approaches in investigative interviewing with adult witnesses.

  • Brigitte Gilbert
  • Lani Grant
  • Jaana Haaja
  • Jacqueline Harvey
  • Eslam Hassan
  • Andrew Hedges
  • Corey Heldon
  • Sene Hicks
  • Peter Hosking
  • Lee Hughes
  • Claire Irvine
  • Anthony Jamieson

Anthony's research interests are Youth Justice and trauma for young people in the Youth Justice system, especially in youth detention centres. His research topic is: "Trauma of young people in youth detention centres: A Queensland case study".

  • Katelyn Jansen
  • Maleah Kilner
  • Vere Lambert-Morris
  • Reynald Lastra
  • Melanie Lawrie
  • Caroline Leyton Zamora
  • Marni Manning
  • Emily Sarah Maple
  • Kindalin Masters
  • Emma McKenzie
  • Tracey Meehan
  • Kerri Molden
  • Timea Molnar
  • Erin Moore
  • Lesley Moynihan
  • Tiahna Mulholland
  • Linet Muthoni
  • Caitlin Nash
  • Samuel Nicol

Samuel Nicol is a current PhD candidate whose research interests include the reduction of child abuse and sexual crime. His current thesis relates to the factors facilitating evading detection for extrafamilial child sexual abuse and particularly those who perpetrate abuse on multiple victims.

  • Richard Ogetii
  • Karina O'Malley
  • Ethan Pai

Ethan's current thesis is on 'Drug-free Therapeutic Communities in Taiwan: Comparative case studies of identity-change rehabilitation programs'. His research interests include Indigenous criminology, cross-cultural criminology, therapeutic community, identity change and philosophy of science.

  • Michael Pass
  • Ellie Piggott

Ellie Piggott's doctoral research aims to determine for whom and under what circumstances restorative justice conferencing works best in reducing reoffending. Her current research interests include restorative justice, youth justice, propensity score matching, and 'big data' analytics.

  • George Quillam

George is a PhD candidate whose research will examine the determents of guardianship and incivility in public places utilising data obtained through body-worn video technology. A former police officer of over 30 years service George's areas of interest include policing, formal and informal guardianship, and situational crime prevention.

  • Claire Reid
  • Angelique Richards
  • Lorena Rivas
  • Amanda Robertson

Amanda's Doctoral thesis examines institutional child sexual abuse in Australian educational institutions through an environmental criminology lens, including that which is female-perpetrated. Her research interests and areas of expertise include: child protection and safeguarding; child sexual abuse; institutional child sexual abuse; situational sexual offending; sexual offence legislation; gender and sexuality; workplace investigations.

  • Keith Robinson

Keith's area of interest is the mediatisation of cultures and societies. Keith is currently researching how First Australians use networked media technology to preserve, maintain, and promote their cultural heritage.

  • Carley Ruiz
  • Katherine Russell
  • Nathan Ryan
  • Holly Smallbone
  • Antoinette Smith
  • Jacob Sorbello
  • Masahiro Suzuki
  • Jerneja Sveticic
  • Margo Van Felius

Margo’s PhD research draws from her diverse work experience in business consulting and the Queensland Police Service, and examines factors that impact on conceptualising, forming and maintaining multi-agency policing partnerships to prevent and control crime, and the role of legal levers in each of these phases.

  • Emily Waters
  • Corrie Williams
  • Gemma Williams

Gemma's PhD topic is titled Prisoner reentry: a comparison of pre-release expectations to post-release experiences. Her research interests include corrections, prisoner reentry and criminal desistance.

  • Harley Williamson
  • Heather Wolbers
  • Hamida Zekiroski

Hamida is a researcher and trainer with the Centre for Investigative Interviewing. Her thesis topic is in investigative interviewing of adults and interviewing training. Her research interests include techniques for enhancing accuracy and detail of witness accounts, training activities that promote good questioning of witnesses and suspects, eliciting disclosures of highly sensitive information.

  • Linda Zhong

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