Cutting-edge research to better understand and prevent violence

This research program aims to increase knowledge and understanding about the causes, consequences, prevention and control of violence.

In turn, our research helps inform government departments about effective policies and programs, raise public awareness and consciousness about the cost and consequences of violence, and develop effective prevention strategies.

Research Focus

The program supports the development of research collaborations and partnerships with local, national and international partners, and dovetails with the existing Violence Research and Prevention program thematic research network across Griffith University.

Theme leader

Professor Paul Mazerolle

Areas of expertise:

  • Youth violence
  • Partner violence


Name Research area

Dr Jeffrey Ackerman

Intimate partner violence
Miria Bastock Policing policy​, crime prevention, crimes of violence and violence prevention

Dr Lyndel Bates

Policing, procedural justice, traffic law enforcement, graduated driver licensing, translation of research into practice, work integrated learning

Dr Christine Bond

Sentencing and discretion in criminal justice, social inequality and justice (Indigeneity, race/ethnicity, gender), youth and police, research methods (quantitative, mixed methods)

Dr Belinda Crissman

Adolescents who have sexually offended, therapeutic engagement in counselling/rehabilitation programs, psychosis and early intervention, ecosystemic approaches to rehabilitation of offenders, mental disorder and crime, and the development of tools to enhance teaching and learning

Professor Kathleen Daly

Policing and security, violence and violence prevention, sexual offending and its prevention

Dr Li Eriksson

Intimate partner violence, homicide, criminological theory

Dr Timothy Hart

Applied statistics, geographic Information systems, victimization, survey research, quantitative methods

Professor Ross Homel

Crime prevention, developmental criminology/prevention, alcohol and drugs, children and young people, research methods, publications

Dr Samantha Jeffries

Courts, domestic violence, Indigeneity, gender and criminal justice, sentencing, the sex industry

Dr Andy Kaladelfos

Historical responses to sexual offending in Australia and Canada, The historical treatment of gender and violence

Professor Susanne Karstedt

Comparative and international criminology, state crime and atrocity crimes, international criminal justice and transitional justice, middle class crime

Professor Mark Kebbell

Investigative psychology with regards the investigation and prosecution of serious crime including murder or serious sexual assault

Associate Professor Benoit Leclerc

Crime script analysis/offender modus operandi, situational crime prevention, sexual offending

Professor Paul Mazerolle

Homicide, intimate partner violence

Dr Tara McGee

Developmental and life course criminology, neighbourhood studies, alcohol and harm minimisation

Dr Samara McPhedran


Dr Louise Porter

Police misconduct, police integrity, police oversight, police use of force, group offending behaviour

Susan Rayment-McHugh

Sexual abuse and youth justice

Dr Aaron Sell

Computational design of human anger, Anger-based arguments, the role of physical strength in human relationships, formidability assessment, development of aggression and cross-cultural differences in the expression of anger

Professor Stephen Smallbone

Biological, developmental, situational, and social ecological aspects of sexual violence and abuse, Psychological assessment and treatment of sexual offenders, Characteristics and modus operandi of adult and adolescent sexual offenders, Prevention of sexual violence and abuse

Dr Carleen Thompson

Violence in stalking

PhD students

Name Research topic
Winnie Chiu Patterns in unsolved sexual offenses against women by strangers
Christopher Dowling An empirical examination of an offender x situational interaction typology of male adolescent sexual offenders
Kelly Hine Police use of force and decision making
Luyang Liu A longitudinal study on Chinese juvenile recidivism in restorative justice
Heather Nancarrow Mainstream justice responses to domestic and family violence: Aspirations and realities for Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
Corrie Williams The role of social support and coercion in differential child behaviour

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