Leading research expertise in the policing and security field

Our policing and security researchers are world leaders on the theory, practice, policy, history and future of policing and security. We focus on public police as well as the many other state and non-state nodes that contribute to securing contemporary society.

As well as producing new knowledge and theoretical insights, we aim to develop and train the next generation of policing scholars and to help improve how policing and security are ‘done’ in the field, by educating practitioners about the evidence-base that could support and improve their work.

Research focus

Our researchers are cross-disciplinary, drawing on specialists in criminology, history, law, psychology, sociology and media studies. We are engaged with other leading researchers from Australia and internationally, and also with industry, practitioners and the local policy community.

Theme leader

Professor Janet Ransley

Areas of expertise:

  • Police administration, procedures and practice
  • Causes and prevention of crime


NameResearch area

Dr Lyndel Bates

Young drivers' education, policing and traffic enforcement

Dr Christine Bond

Policing young people, police responses to domestic violence

Associate Professor Melissa Bull

Policing non/new citizens, drug and alcohol regulation, policing gender violence in the Pacific, policing vice in China and Australia
Professor Ross CoomberUnderstanding and responding to drug markets and use

Dr Belinda Crissman

People with a mental illness and police

Dr Rachel Dioso-Villa

Forensic science and criminal justice, miscarriages of justice

Dr Sue Donkin

Counter-terrorism, control orders, crime prevention

Dr Jacqueline Drew

Policing cybercrime and financial fraud, police leadership and organisational performance management, personnel management

Associate Professor Jacqueline Ewart

Media and crime, responses to disaster, media portrayals of Islam and counter-terrorism issues

Professor Mark Finnane

Histories of prosecutions and the criminal trial, policing and crime

Dr Robyn Holder

Police responses to family and domestic violence, victims

Dr Andy Kaladelfos

Historical responses to sexual and violent crimes

Professor Mark Kebbel

Investigation and prosecution of serious crime, eyewitness evidence

Dr Simon Little

Police cautioning, youth justice

Dr Natasha Madon

Policing Muslim communities, policing youth

Professor Tina Murphy

Policing youth and ethnic minority groups, procedural justice policing, police legitimacy, Muslim community backlash in counter-terrorism policing, longitudinal study of police recruits

Dr Louise Porter

Police use-of-force decision making, police misconduct (types, causes, responses and prevention; police integrity), longitudinal study of police recruits

Professor Janet Ransley

Partnership and third party policing, police organisational models and performance, resilience policing, regulatory crime reduction, police responses to domestic violence

Dr Justin Ready

Crime hot spots, use of electronic control devices and surveillance technology in law enforcement

Dr Elise Sargeant

Procedural justice policing and police legitimacy, policing minority groups, policing neighbourhoods

Professor Clifford Shearing

Police mutilateralisation including international corporations' role resilience policing, securing flows of energy, goods, people and information, shifts in harm landscapes in the Anthropocene

Associate Professor Michael Townsley

Crime analysis, situational crime prevention

PhD students

NameResearch topic
Siobhan AllenPolicing illicit drugs amongst young adults: The effect of policing strategies on trust and confidence in police at mass events
David BartlettFit and proper: The role of liquor licensees and regulators in controlling intoxication and alcohol-related violence
Tyler CawthrayPolicing in the Pacific and police legitimacy
Jesse FielderProcedural justice and private policing
Sheena FlemingRecruiting and retaining Indigenous women in policing: Case studies in Australia and New Zealand
Alistair FildesBarriers to police use of procedural justice
Kelly HinePolice use of force and decision making
Peter HoskingPolicy reform and resistance: Police pursuits
Marni ManningBuilding misconduct resistance in plain clothes investigative units: A case for contextualised reform
Sandra SmithOrganizational barriers to intelligence use in policing
Jerneja SveticicLaw enforcer or social worker? Explorations of the role of police officers in responding to persons with mental illness
Margo van Felius
Improving the uptake of multi-agency and third-party policing partnerships; What are the organisational facilitators and barriers?

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