During these uncertain times, we want to provide you with the best possible learning experience

As we see a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions around the country, our staff and students will return to our physical campuses in carefully considered stages.

Discover adjustments we are making to our teaching and learning experiences, as well as investments in staff development, to ensure a successful Trimester 2 for all in 2020.

We also have a range of resources to help support your studies and general wellbeing.

Following government advice

Griffith University is following the advice of the Queensland Chief Health Officer's public health direction with specific application to universities.

Under the directive, Universities must ensure:

  • large lectures only seat one person per four square metres
  • social distancing is observed wherever possible.

Teaching on-campus in Trimester 2

Noting the CHO's advice, all Griffith lectures will remain online for the entirety of Trimester 2.

Smaller education and teaching sessions, including group seminars, tutorials, practicals and lab-based lessons, and vocational training sessions are NOT subject to the one-person per four-square-metre rule.


All students will start study for Trimester 2 2020 online.

As our campuses reopen and the trimester progresses, you will have the flexibility to study online or a blended study mode of online and on campus for the rest of the trimester.

In either scenario, we are focused on making sure you are able to continue your studies successfully within the appropriate social distancing measures.


Orientation activities for T2 will take place online. If you are about to commence with us, see myOrientation for details.

Timeline for returning to campus in Trimester 2

Weeks 1 to 4 (13 July to 7 August)

Most learning and teaching activities will remain online.

A range of learning activities that cannot be conducted online will resume on campus. These include laboratories, clinics, studio work, performance-based activities and some work-integrated learning placements.

Some students will be permitted to return to campus, with priority given to final-year students and those at risk of not being able to complete their work.

Weeks 5 to 12 (17 August onwards)

From Week 5, you will have the option to experience a combination of online and face-to-face learning. The extent of the face-to-face activities will depend on the nature of your courses and the feasibility of bringing specific activities back onto campus.

Quality online teaching will also be maintained for all courses. You will have the opportunity to continue your studies online during T2 if you prefer.

See your course information in Learning@Griffith for details.

Lectures, placements and exams in Trimester 2


There will be no on-campus or face-to-face lectures for Trimester 2.

All Griffith lectures will continue to be delivered online.

Work placements

International work-integrated learning placements remain suspended for T2.

Domestic WIL placements will resume where it is safe to do so. Placements will only be permitted in organisations with a COVID-Safe Plan.


Most exams will be conducted online in T2. Practical, professional and performance-related exams may be held on campus. Oral exams may be conducted face to face or online.

More details on exams will be shared closer to the T2 exams period.



During the COVID-19 lockdown, our campuses underwent a deep clean in preparation for our return to campus.

When you arrive, you will notice hand sanitiser at the entrance of all our buildings for your use. Both students and staff are being asked to practise good hand hygiene. Disinfectant wipes will also be provided in common learning spaces to enable you to reclean tables and chairs if you wish.

Most importantly, if you feel unwell, you should stay home and do not come to campus.

Investment in staff development

Your program directors, course convenors, lecturers and tutors have spent time upskilling through a range of weekly workshops to further support students in online learning during Trimester 2.

Training has focused on:

  • learning collaboratively in Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Collaborate
  • using Echo software
  • teaching approaches to promote engagement with students in an online context
  • managing assessment in the current context to include support for students in maximising access to assessment
  • student wellbeing in learning.