Dr Brian J Adams

Dr Brian J Adams is the Director of the Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue at Griffith University. As a former Rotary Peace Fellow, Brian is primarily focused on promoting respect and understanding across cultural, religious and organisational boundaries.

Brian's 20-plus years of work in Africa, Europe, North America and the Asia–Pacific bring a compelling international perspective to the Centre. His background in mediation, conflict management and dialogue facilitation strengthens the Centre's ability to address some of the great challenges facing the world today, while his fluency in English, French and Swahili allow him to expand the work of the ICD to marginalised groups in Australia and to troubled regions across the globe.

Brian is a founder of the G20 Interfaith Forum, an annual public dialogue platform to draw on interfaith insight and experience in developing recommendations on issues relevant to the G20 Leaders Summit.

Brian is also the author of the CURe Program for Productive Diversity. This program helps create the mindset, develop the skills and establish an environment for people to value the traditions and perspectives of others and to contribute their own. It lays the foundation on which productive diversity is built.

Administrative Support Officer and Event Co-ordinator
Ms Lisa Nicholson

Lisa Nicholson is the Administrative Support Officer with a Diploma of Performance—Pianoforte and a Diploma of Accounting. Her career has been somewhat diverse with an engaging mix of book-keeping, office management, marketing, business development, graphic design, piano teaching, education, event coordination, seminar facilitation and being the mother of four amazing children.

Lisa has been passionately involved and committed to a number of community, sporting and musical endeavours including youth leadership development and excellence programs.

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