Because things do not always go the way we had planned or problems of an academic or personal nature arise, and they will for some students, our Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisor is available to meet with students to discuss a range of problems or concerns on an individual basis. All students are encouraged to participate in these programs and to contact the friendly staff at Griffith College for advice and assistance as soon as they are finding things a little difficult.

Counsellors provide welfare and pastoral services and are available for consultation on both personal and general matters. Confidential student counselling is available, by appointment, from our Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisor. Appointments are normally made concerning issues such as the following:

  • Student safety
  • Loneliness, homesickness
  • Personal relationships, harassment
  • Your studies and academic difficulties
  • Financial problems
  • Personal trauma
  • Employment options
  • Concerns regarding friends and family
  • Personal health
  • Legal difficulties

If you have any problems, the Overseas Students Ombudsman website contains information for students and private providers. The student FAQs are provided in English and 21 other languages.

Overseas student ombudsman