Learning support

Students have access to a number of learning support services to assist you to develop the study skills necessary to successfully complete your program of study.

Lecturer/student consultation

All Griffith College lecturers and tutors are available for face-to-face student consultation on campus for approximately one [1] hour per week per class. If, while undertaking studies at the College, you experience difficulties with a particular course, you are strongly encouraged to meet with your lecturer/tutor in the first instance during their consultation time.

Study skills workshop

Our Academic Advisors run a number of information sessions and workshops throughout the semester for students who want to develop their study skills in areas such as time management, academic writing skills and examination techniques.

Assignment help

Our Academic Advisors and other teaching staff are available throughout the semester for individual or group appointments if students need help with assignment drafts, researching assignments, essay structuring, assignment writing and referencing in assignments.

English language support (Language development module)

International students entering their program with the minimum English language requirement, will benefit from two free compulsory Language Development Modules (LDMs) as part of their diploma program. The LDMs enable students to develop their English language skills in a participatory learning environment; integrated within academic courses, to support overall achievement in those academic courses.

This model of language development better underpins future success for students in their chosen discipline at the College, University and beyond. The modules are taken concurrently with academic courses and consist of two hours face-to-face instruction per week and three hours of online self-access. Successful completion of the 2 modules is required to graduate with a Diploma Award.

Download the information sheet(PDF 113k)

Essential mathematics support

We recognise the importance of strong mathematics foundations in the Engineering, Health Sciences and Science fields and in response, have developed embedded mathematics modules, collectively called ‘Essential Mathematics’, within these diplomas.

If you are studying within these disciplines, you will study the Essential Mathematics modules in the first trimester of each program, which will assist you to develop and/or refresh the fundamental mathematics knowledge and skills required for success in these diploma programs. To allow you to pace your study and build your knowledge progressively we have designed these diplomas for completion over three trimesters.

The mathematics support modules are a free component of the diploma and compulsory unless you demonstrate maths aptitude in a diagnostic test at or before orientation. With successful completion of the diagnostic test, you may choose to pace your diploma study over two trimesters. For more information about the program structure, download the Essential Maths fact sheet.

Download the information sheet(PDF 71k)

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Students who achieve excellent academic results are selected for the PAL scheme. PAL students make themselves available to other students throughout the semester by imparting their knowledge of the subject in a tutoring type arrangement. PAL support is offered to supplement lecture consultations.

Attendance warnings

All International students enrolled at Griffith College are required by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to maintain an average attendance rate of at least 80% per semester. To ensure that international students do not breach their student visa conditions, the Student Counsellor and Welfare Advisor reviews all attendance records on a weekly basis and contacts any student who has not been consistently attending classes and is at risk of having their student visa cancelled by the Australian Department for Boarder Protection (DIBP).

Academic performance monitoring

During semester, Academic Advisors review student's results and contact any student who is at risk of failing a course to offer advice on how to improve academic performance. The purpose of this contact is to remind students of the support services available at Griffith College and that they should seek help as soon as possible to ensure that they have the best chance of successfully completing their studies.

Learning with technology

Teaching and learning is constantly evolving and Griffith College is keeping pace by introducing a number of innovative resources in the classroom. Online learning management, video lecture capture and online textbooks are all available. To take advantage of this, you are encouraged to use your own laptop, so plan to bring one with you or purchase one when you arrive.

The College has also integrated new learning techniques, such as flipped and blended learning, to help deliver content in a way that is engaging and develops collaboration and communication skills.

Computer laboratory assistants

Griffith College employs computer laboratory assistants throughout the semester to provide students with assistance with computer related issues including software applications, network and related resources, navigation of the student portal and computer related course work difficulties.

We encourage you to participate in these programs and to contact our friendly staff for advice and assistance as soon as you are finding things a little difficult.

Griffith University Library facilities

Griffith College students have access to the excellent Griffith University library facilities. This offers students access to the Library Help Desk for questions on their research, and assistance to use the online catalogue. Students can borrow a wide range of resources from any of the five Griffith libraries, and access group and individual study zones, and printing, scanning and photocopying facilities. The library website also enables students to access self-help resources, such as presentations on writing and time management, virtual tours and short videos explaining a range of useful student skills, such as how to search for journal articles using databases.

Disability support

Griffith College is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities and promotes strategies to develop a flexible teaching and learning environment which is able to meet the needs of a diverse range of students.

Griffith College encourages students to provide information (including medical or other professional advice) regarding the nature of their disability and special needs during the application and enrolment process. It is important that students provide staff with these details as early as possible so that we can assess your support needs and ensure that you are able to succeed in your chosen program of study.

We are committed to providing a teaching and learning environment which promotes dignity, acknowledges students' rights to privacy and confidentiality, and promotes an awareness of students' needs and rights. Therefore, Griffith College is able to make reasonable accommodations to support students with disabilities throughout their studies and ensure that they have equal access to the teaching and learning environment.

Health service

The Griffith University Health Service located on the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses offers bulk-billing for medical consultations for international students with a current OSHC policy and for local students covered by Medicare.

Allianz Global Assistance


The health service provides:

  • Free nursing consultations
  • Emergency and first aid treatment
  • Preventative medical treatment
  • Treatment of ongoing/recurring conditions
  • Routine pap smears
  • Sexual health advice including testing and treatment
  • Immunisations and overseas travel vaccinations and advice
  • Referrals for x-rays, specialist treatment and ultrasounds
  • ECG recording
  • Pregnancy testing and shared care
  • Confidential needle exchange and support program
  • Health information
  • Ancillary health services include psychiatry, optometry, massage and acupuncture

Should you require pathology tests, nurses are able to perform these on campus.