Explore your on and off-campus accommodation options

Whether you decide to live on or off-campus or with an Australian family in a homestay, Griffith offer a housing option to suit your needs.

We recommend you organise short-term, temporary accommodation for your first few days in Queensland. Once you arrive and settle-in, you may then wish to arrange longer-term accommodation to ensure you are choosing a living arrangement suitable to you.

Choosing your long-term accommodation

On-campus residential colleges

Living on campus is a fantastic way to meet new people, find out about new cultures, and develop independence. On-campus accommodation is usually fully furnished and provides access to laundry facilities, gym equipment, common rooms, internet and organised student activities.

On-campus accommodation

Share houses

Sharing a house or apartment is the most common form of off-campus accommodation. You will need to consider:

  • the cost of rent (usually advertised weekly)
  • if utilities are included (electricity, gas, water)
  • if internet is included
  • if the accommodation is furnished
  • how close the accommodation is to campus
  • access to public transport

Search for off-campus providers including sharehouses:


If you want to experience living with a local Brisbane or Gold Coast family or need temporary accommodation until you find a suitable place to stay, home stay is a good option for you.

Homestay also enables you to gain an insight into Australian life and offers a unique opportunity to experience Australian culture first hand by participating in the daily routine of the host family's life.

Host families take an active interest in their students and assist them to assimilate into their new environment and studies. Students can also use Homestay as a time to look for suitable permanent accommodation after they arrive without having to worry about food and lodging in their first few weeks of their stay in Australia.

To apply for homestay, you should lodge an application online at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

Homestay application

Airport reception

remember to book your airport pick up before you leave home

Students under 18

Accommodation requirements for under 18’s

All international students who are under 18 years of age must satisfy one of the following accommodation requirements whilst studying at Griffith College:

  • Live with at least one parent; or
  • Live with an adult who normally lives in Queensland (other than an overseas student) who has been appointed in writing by a parent of the student to act as the student's guardian; or
  • Live with an approved home stay family.

Griffith College ensures that students satisfy one of these requirements by obtaining written documentation from the students' parents prior to the student commencing their studies. If during the period of enrolment any student under 18 years of age is not living under one of the above requirements, then arrangements will be made for the students accommodation arrangements to be changed in order to satisfy this requirement or the student will be reported to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (HA) for a breach of their student visa condition. Students who wish to change into alternative accommodation must contact the Accommodation Manager or the Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisor to gain written approval prior to moving.

Additional support for under 18’s

Appropriate arrangements are made for monitoring the welfare and academic progress of international students who are under 18 years of age. All international students who are under 18 years of age are required to attend appointments with the Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisor at least once each semester or when requested.

Students will be notified by the Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisor of the date and time they are required to attend these appointments which are designed to determine if there are any problems with your living arrangements and if you are experiencing difficulties academically or personally.

Should a student who is under 18 years of age fail to attend appointments with the Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisor, the student's parents may be contacted and/or the student may be reported to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (HA).

Cost of living

Compare the costs to help you decide what suits your needs and budget