If you finished high school a few years ago and are now considering further study, we can help.

Coming back to study after a break, for whatever reason, can be daunting. Congratulations on your decision to follow your dreams. Using these steps as a guide, we can make it easier for you to apply to Griffith College online. If you are applying as an international student, visit how to apply.

How to apply

1. Select your program

Explore the range of foundation and diploma pathway programs available.

2. Check entry requirements

Applicants with work and life experience are assessed on the basis of work experience relevant to the program; determined by type and level of employment, details of employer and length of employment. References and/or a statement from the employer substantiating the work claim are required.

Applicants are also required to submit a short statement articulating how they will use the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal qualities gained through life experience to succeed in their chosen course.

If applicants are unable to demonstrate work experience, Griffith College will accept the Personal Competencies Assessment or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test administered by QTAC.

3. Check if you are eligible for credit

If you have existing formal qualifications, you may be eligible to receive credit for previous studies.

4. Prepare supporting documentation

  • a current CV
  • a certified copy of your Australian citizenship document- either an Australia passport or birth certificate
  • a reference from a current or recent employer indicating your ability to apply yourself to tertiary study
  • a 500 word statement from you indicating what you wish to study, your ability to apply yourself to tertiary study and your intention when you complete the program.

5. Lodge your application

Lodge your application via our online application form. Upload all of your documents and submit. If you are an international student, you may also apply directly using the online application form.

6. Accept your offer

If you are successful in securing a direct offer with us, congratulations!

Read your offer letter and if you are satisfied, sign the acceptance form and email it back to admissions@griffithcollege.edu.au to accept your place. Once you accept your place you will receive emails from Griffith College about enrolment and orientation. Look out for the dates in your inbox!

Got a gap in your studies?

We offer bridging subjects in maths and sciences to help you bridge the gap in your knowledge and make your study easier.

Keep current with key teaching dates

Other admission pathways

Every Griffith College program requires you meet an overall academic entry requirement. This will vary depending on the level of the program applied for, and your nominated pathway degree.

Depending on your background we may assess you according to one or a combination of the below methods. If you have a number of different qualifications, the highest will normally be used for admission.

Other admission criteria depending on pathway

In addition to the academic entry requirement and pre-requisites/assumed knowledge, other admission criteria may apply depending on the pathway degree you have chosen. They may include portfolios, auditions, medical certification, criminal history checks and evidence of work experience. You will find these additional requisites detailed on the program specific information pages of this website.

Got any questions?

Get in touch with us.