If you are finishing high school and thinking about further study, we can help

Transitioning from high school to university is a big step and the forms and requirements can feel difficult to navigate. Using these steps as a guide, we can make it easier for you to apply to Griffith College online or through QTAC. If you are applying as an international student, visit our how to apply page.

How to apply

1. Select your program

Explore the range of foundation and diploma programs available.

2. Check entry requirements

Applicants with recent secondary education receive guaranteed entry when they have obtained a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or passes in at least three (3) academic subjects from Year 12, OR the equivalent from any state or territory, Foundation Programs, International Baccalaureate, A levels or other international equivalents.  If you have studied high school outside of Australia, you may also need to meet English language requirements.

3. Check if you are eligible for credit

If you have existing formal qualifications, you may be eligible to receive credit for previous studies.

Find out how to apply for credit.

4. Prepare supporting documentation

  • a certified copy of your academic results (both original and English translated versions if applicable)
  • a certified copy of your English test results (if available and applicable) and
  • some programs may require you to submit a portfolio of work, or audition (see individual program for details)

5. Lodge your application

Lodge your application via QTAC and place your Griffith College programs within your preferences. If you are an international student studying at an Australian high school, you may also apply directly through Griffith College.

Apply through QTAC

6. Accept your offer

If you are successful in securing a direct offer with us, congratulations! If you apply through QTAC, you will be sent a ‘Notice of Offer’ and you will need to accept the offer and check your email for your offer letter from Griffith College.

Read your offer letter and if you are satisfied, sign the acceptance form and email it back to admissions@griffithcollege.edu.au to accept your place.

Once you accept your place, you will receive emails about enrolment and orientation. Look out for the dates in your inbox!

Got a gap in your studies?

We offer bridging subjects in maths and sciences to help you bridge the gap in your knowledge and make your study easier.

Important dates

Teaching dates at Griffith College

Other admission pathways

Every Griffith College program requires you meet an overall academic entry requirement. This will vary depending on the level of the program applied for, and your nominated pathway degree.

Depending on your background we may assess you according to one or a combination of the below methods. If you have a number of different qualifications, the highest will normally be used for admission.

Other admission criteria depending on pathway

In addition to the academic entry requirement and pre-requisites/assumed knowledge, other admission criteria may apply depending on the pathway degree you have chosen. They may include portfolios, auditions, medical certification, criminal history checks and evidence of work experience. You will find these additional requisites detailed on the program specific information pages of this website.

Got a question?

You can ask us here