How to apply

Choose the program you want to study

Search for your program to check you meet the academic and English language entry requirements.

Check if you are eligible for credit

If you have existing formal qualifications, you may be eligible to receive credit for previous studies.

Find out how to apply for Credit.

Prepare supporting documentation

If you are a high school graduate you must supply the following with your application:

  • a certified copy of your academic results (translated into English if applicable)
  • a certified copy of your English test results (if available and applicable) and
  • some programs may require you to submit a portfolio of work, or audition (see individual program for details)

If you are a mature age student and do not have academic transcripts, you must supply the following in support of your application:

  • a current CV
  • a certified copy of your Australian citizenship document- either an Australia passport or birth certificate
  • a reference from a current or recent employer indicating your ability to apply yourself to tertiary study
  • a 500 word statement from you indicating what you wish to study, your ability to apply yourself to tertiary study and your intention when you complete the program.

To certify your results, a Justice of the Peace (JP) or other public notary—lawyer, policeman, solicitor, embassy official or international agent—must see your original documents, and sign and stamp the copies for you.


Apply online, with your supporting documentation.

Apply now

You can also apply through:

Visit important dates to see when you need to apply. Some programs have different application dates, so remember to check if this applies to your program.

If you have submitted all of the required documentation at the time of application, you should receive your offer within 3-5 working days.

Accept your offer

Once your application is approved, you will receive a letter which includes step-by-step instructions on how to accept your offer.