Bridging the gaps in your study

Whilst most university degrees have moved to assumed knowledge  instead of pre-requisite study requirement, it is still advisable to make sure you have a solid base knowledge in these study areas in order to ensure success.


To enable you to be successful at Griffith College and then Griffith University, it is assumed that through your prior studies you will have achieved a minimum level of knowledge in certain subjects. If you haven’t completed these subjects, or don’t have the recommended level of prior knowledge, you will still be made an offer to study. However, you may find your study easier if you have an understanding of the subjects. If you want to gain this knowledge, you may decide to take one of our bridging subjects.

Check the program page to find out what the assumed knowledge is for your program.


Bridging subjects are available if you do not possess the prior knowledge needed to succeed in your studies, or would like to brush up on your knowledge. They are studied in addition to your diploma courses and are usually completed in your first trimester.

Bridging subjects delivered by Griffith College are recognised by the College for the purposes of satisfying assumed knowledge and prerequisites. The College can not guarantee the subjects are accepted by other education providers. For more information speak with a College representative.

Why study a bridging subject?

Griffith College assumes you have the prior knowledge needed to succeed in your program of study. If you do not have that knowledge, you can still enrol in the diploma and undertake one of our bridging subjects in addition to your regular courses. If you do not have the assumed knowledge and you do not undertake a bridging subject, you may experience difficulty with some aspects of your program.

How many bridging subjects can I study and at what cost?

You may take one free bridging subject, which must be studied concurrent to your diploma. If you choose to study a bridging subject prior to your diploma courses you will need to pay a fee for the bridging subject. Any additional bridging subjects will also incur a fee.

Assumed knowledge Griffith College subject name and subject codeCampus
Maths A Essential Mathematics (BRM100) Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast*
Maths BAdvanced Mathematics (FND105)Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast*
Chemistry Chemistry (BRC002) Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast*
Human Biology Human Biology (BRB004 / BRB100) Gold Coast* (Trimester 1 only)

*Not offered every semester. For more information, please contact Griffith College.


Yes! You can complete the bridging subject/s at the same time as enrolling in some subjects from your Diploma. We recommend that you take a reduced study-load in your first trimester (i.e. 3 courses or less) and schedule your study across all three trimesters in the calendar year. This will increase your chances of success.