Griffith College delivers programs at four levels: the Foundation Program, a range of Diplomas, the Associate Degree in Commerce and Business and the Masters Qualifying Program. These programs provide a pathway to Griffith University degrees with varying amounts of credit.

On this website we provide you with up-to-date information for Australian and international students, relating to each program and pathway including admission criteria and progression conditions,campus and location, important dates and instructions on how to apply.

Admission criteria for Griffith College programs

In assessing you for entry to a Griffith College program/pathway we will apply a set of admission criteria to ensure you have the previous education and/or experience necessary for success in your studies. These criteria are outlined below.

Academic entry requirements

Every Griffith College program requires you meet an overall academic entry requirement. This will vary depending on the level of the program applied for, and your nominated pathway degree.

Depending on your background we may assess you according to one or a combination of the below methods. If you have a number of different qualifications, the highest will normally be used for admission.

Education level Entry requirement
Applicants with higher education study Completion or part completion of an Australian higher education qualification or equivalent*.
Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study Completion or part completion of an Australian VET qualification or equivalent*.
Applicants with secondary education Guaranteed entry where applicants have obtained a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or passes in at least 3 academic subjects from Year 12, OR the equivalent from any Australian state or territory, Foundation Programs, International Baccalaureate, A levels or other international equivalents.
Applicants with work and life experience

Applicants are assessed on the basis of work experience relevant to the program; determined by type and level of employment, details of employer and length of employment. References and/or a statement from the employer substantiating the work claim are required.

Applicants are also required to submit a short statement articulating how they will use the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal qualities gained through life experience to succeed in their chosen course.

If applicants are unable to demonstrate work experience, Griffith College will accept the Personal Competencies Assessment or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test administered by QTAC.

*For international applicants and Australian (domestic) applicants educated overseas, Griffith College will apply the equivalency recommendations of the NOOSR.

Pre-requisites and Assumed Knowledge

Admission criteria for Griffith College programs and pathways includes pre-requisites and/or assumed knowledge. These criteria relate to subject specific knowledge important for success in your study. Other than English, most of our programs/pathways do not have pre-requisite or assumed knowledge admission criteria.

As detailed on the program specific information pages of this website, some programs/pathways require you to have completed one or more pre-requisite subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. If you haven’t completed the pre-requisites you should still apply, as we offer bridging subjects which you can take prior or concurrent to the program.

A list of pre-requisite subjects and equivalents is available through the Griffith College Admissions Policy. If you are not sure if your previous study meets pre-requisite requirements, Griffith College Admissions will undertake the necessary subject assessment at time of application.

For entry to some diplomas and pathways we do not require completion of pre-requisite subjects. Rather, we assume you already have this knowledge, gained through previous studies or experience. This is referred to as “assumed knowledge”. If you haven’t completed studies in the “assumed knowledge” areas for your chosen program, you are still eligible for an offer to study with us. However, we encourage you to take one of our bridging subjects to catch up.

Other Admission Criteria depending on pathway

In addition to the academic entry requirement and pre-requisites/assumed knowledge, other admission criteria may apply depending on the pathway degree you have chosen. They may include portfolios, auditions, medical certification, criminal history checks and evidence of work experience. These additional requisites are detailed on the program specific information pages of this website.

Student cohort summary

The below data provides a summary of the proportion of students commencing in the February and June 2017 intakes by the qualification criteria used for admissions assessment.

Applicant background Proportion of student population
(a) Past higher education 1%
(b) Past VET study <1%
(c) Secondary education
Admitted soley on basis of ATAR/OP 0%
Admitted where both ATAR/OP and additional criteria were considered 0%
Admitted on the basis of other criteria only and ATAR/OP was not a factor 30%
(d) Work and life experience 16%
(e) International students 53%