The Role of Biomimetic Design in Infrastructure Renewal

Climate change poses risks to infrastructure through disrupted operations, reduced lifespan and increased reconstruction and maintenance costs. This research team is exploring the role of biomimicry in redefining resilience approaches for new infrastructure projects and infrastructure renewal.

The emerging area of biomimicry explores opportunities to learn from, or ‘mimic’ design and engineering strategies refined by organisms in the natural world over 3.8 Billion years of life on Earth. Our researchers are exploring the potential for application of key biomimicry concepts to transport and other critical infrastructure applications, including a comprehensive systematic review of biomimetic research and innovation relevant to civil infrastructure. Moving forward, we are engaging with industry, government and academia to collaboratively explore opportunities for application in the infrastructure sector across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Researchers

Associate Professor Matthew Burke

Associate Professor Cheryl Desha

Dr Dominic Ong

Dr Sanam Agdamy

Adjunct Industry Fellow Georgia Gosse

Adjunct Industry Fellow Mark Gibbs

Industry Reference Group Jeremy Mansfield

Our PhD Students

Ms Samantha Hayes

Mr Irfaan Peerun