The CRI Housing group is headed up by Dr Heather Shearer who states "Bringing together our Housing researchers under one banner reveals the diversity of housing research underway in the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University, Australia. Our researchers span disciplines from architecture, business, engineering, environment, finance and planning. We engage with both national and international collaborators, producing research and industry outcomes recognised as both pragmatic and provocative."

Members expertise

"The tiny house movement and its applicability to housing affordability and sustainable urban areas is a key focus of my research. Research priorities include: value uplift of house prices after implementation of a light rail network (and also value uplift by proximity to green infrastructure); recreation walkability of urban areas; rousing affordability; spatial analysis of urban housing, infrastructure, walkability and socio-demographics research objectives and priorities; analyse and conceptualise the potential for the tiny house movement to address issues of housing affordability and social inclusion in Australian cities; analyse the socio-demographics of housing in urban areas, particularly with respect to housing affordability; identify infrastructure and planning triggers for house price rises over time; further use spatial analysis to investigate housing related issues in contemporary Australian cities." Griffith Experts profile

"In my role at Griffith University, we are currently discussing potential prototyping / implementation scenarios of these projects. In my previous role as Director of the Australian Urban Design Research Centre, I was leading affordable housing projects for the WA government (H+ Affordable Housing in Serial Building Technology)." Griffith Experts profile

"My recent research looks at the promotion and realisation of suburban lifestyles. I have also researched homelessness among young people and in rural areas, the sale of former social housing in the UK, vacancy chains, the intersection of housing and community care." Griffith Experts profile

Benjamin's focus is on housing finance and investment; housing affordability; property valuation and housing markets. "My research objectives and priorities include: what drives housing affordability in Australia and other countries (globally), and housing price or returns, as well as risk." Griffith Experts profile

"I have been heavily involved in developing a property condition index for effective asset management. Over the past few years my research has focused on process improvement in the context of utilising physical and digital technologies in the design, construction and operation of facilities. More recently, investigated the use of pre-fabrication in house construction, as well as the adoption of building information modelling (BIM) in managing housing and building assets." Griffith Experts profile

"My research focus is strata title/multi-owned properties, high density living – and understanding the social and liveability aspects of multi-owned properties; examining the risks and harms to community through building non-compliance within multi-owned properties; identifying foreign flows of capital into residential property." Griffith Experts profile

"I have a focus on housing finance and investment; housing market analysis, including understanding the dynamics of housing prices in Australia and globally; developing financial models for affordable housing." Griffith Experts profile

"My interest and expertise is in hedonic pricing. This is regression modelling of the factors affecting house prices. I was a Research Fellow on two research projects on the 'Sustainable Cities' of Edinburgh & Belfast (1998-2002) across the housing, transport and energy disciplines. There are also wider debate on housing density and relationships between housing and energy/transport. I've since worked on subsequent transport planning research projects and teaching." Griffith Experts profile

Judy is a Senior Research Fellow in CRI.

"I am Project Leader for the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) Social and Affordable Housing Program of Research since 2014 - www.sbenrc.com.au. This has been informed by being a practicing Architect for 25 years and completing a value-mapping focused PhD in 2009." Griffith Experts profile

Main research areas of focus for our program include: retrofitting public housing for water and energy efficiency; green affordable housing policy - systems dynamics approach; systems modelling to capture the wider benefits of affordable and public housing; maintenance prevention strategies for public housing; and smart metering of water/electricity/gas in public housing. Griffith Experts profile

Dr Barbara Yen is an adjunct member of the Housing group. "My expertise lies in particular area/s of housing research including property value up lift, value capture, building on research identifying suitable funding mechanisms for transport infrastructure." Dr Barbara Yen profile

Dr Jozsef Hegedus visit

A round-table discussion was recently held between Dr Jozsef Hegedus, Chief Economist at the Metropolitan Institute in Hungary and CitiesRI housing members.

Dr Hegedus has extensive knowledge and experience in housing policy issues in Hungary and countries in transition making his visit a valuable opportunity for him to connect with key stakeholders in this region. He is currently working on a housing policy proposal and was interested to hear about Australian solutions for affordable housing programs.



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